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I know you are keen to read the story ahead, so am I to write further, but an email recieved a few minutes back has put me in shock. One of my co-blogger and friend Chhaya has expired few days back. Her husband informed me about it today. So I am writing this post as her rememberance.

Chhaya - a loner who is never lonely as the tittle on her blog goes was a beautiful soul. We met a few years back on an Blogging website and were actually competiting with each other. However with passing days and end of the competition we started interacting more, on a friedly note. All these years I kept reading her work on her blogs. I almost stopped writing after few days of that competition, but it was her inspirational writings and her ways of expressing which made me restart my writings and blogging. She was amongst the few bloggers I admired.

Once someone asked whether Chhaya will be able to survive the wilderness. To which I had replied that the question actually should be whether Wilderness would survive around her. She had a large fan base on her blog and a lots of friends and followers. Oh am I going to miss her writings....

Another sad thing is that she was expecting her first baby this Oct. Why does God do what He does…

Her Blog is Titled Shadowy Dreams. You can find the Link on the Right in I Like to Read…

Do join me in my prayers for the departed soul and for giving strength to her family to bear this loss.

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Very sad news. May god keep her soul in rest. After all, its LIFE...

thanks. appreciate this. may her memory live for ever. will carry on her dreams till my last breath.

This is a terrible blow to creative writing and a wonderful life. Chhaya was an inspiration to us all, and hope that we can continue to live with her vision for a caring world.

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