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Quite a few of my friends in their comments, scraps, mails asked me to write the poem which made her smile. Well, sorry folks do excuse me on this one as it has become too special for me now. However I wish to share with you another poem, its more of a Shayari Compilation in hindi than a poem. This one I wrote a few years back on a Shayari Forum in tandem with a friend of mine, screen name Tabassum. This complication covers almost every feeling right from Love to Happiness to Sadness to Loneliness and more. The one in Blue is the one by her which I liked. So here goes Chaand Tum Aur Main...

Kaun hain jo har dam saath rahenge
Har pal har gadi ek duje se pyaar karenge
Es Jalim Duniya se mil kar ladenge
Raat ke Andheron ko door yun karenge
Chaand Tum Aur Main….

Seekh liya hai humne, najar andaaz karna
Bin matlab ki baaton ko, duniya ke khayalaton ko
Ab toh bas apni hi baton par dyan diya karte hain
Chaand Tum Aur Main

Apni is duniya ko Raat mein Bassa Rakha hi
Duniya chahe Din bar jeeti rahe
Apni Zindagi toh raat mein jiya karte hain
Chaad Tum Aur Main

EK baat jo Hume Duniya se juda karti hai
Zubaan Khamosh hai par Aankhein baat karti hai
Prem ke maare aur duniya se nirale
Chaand Tum Aur Main…

Barsaat ke paani ka rang, Raat main alag sa ho jaata hai
Reh ke saath humaare, Asmaa bhi aansoo bhata hai
Roh Padti hai saari khudai jab kabhi saath roye hai
Chaand Tum Aur Main...

Kya Sama tha jab saath rehte the
Har Raat der tak baat karte the
Kaisa hota hai PREM jaamane ko sikhate the
Aaj Chahe ho juda, par ek duje ko Yaad kiya karte hain
Chaand Tum Aur Main…

Aksaar Log Bhishadkar Hassi ko yaad karte hain
Saath Bitaye jo acche pal unke wapas aane ki faryaad karte hain
Rakte hain magar Dil me sambhalkar rone ki bhi yaadein
Chaand Tum Aur Main….

Chahe saath mil kar rona hi paade
Zindaji ke Zeher ko yun peena hi paade
Phir bhi har pal milne ki umeed kiya karte hain
Chaand Tum Aur Main…

Raat hai hamko dekha karti ,Tare Baate Karte Rahte
Saare jugnu chamak chamak kar, hume ishara karte rahte
Raat ki raani mahak mahak kar, Humko paas bulati rahti
Par hain apni hi dhun me khoe
Chaand Tum Aur Main….

Jugnu, Taare, Raat ki Raani, Humko paas bulate hain
Kush hain hum yeh baat, Sab ko woh batate hain
Dekh kar humko Jhume Dharti ,Geet PREM ke sabh gaate hain
Nach Nach kar pedh aur paudhe, Preet apni Jatate hain
Khil Uthhi hai saari khudai, Khushi se jo itraate hain
Chaand Tum Aur Main….

Saath Bitaee hain jo raatein
ki haain jo dher se baatein
Unko kabhi na bhulaenge
Dillon mein hai jo preet ka rishta
Raaton se hai PREM ka rishta
Umar Bhar Nibhaenge
Chaand Tum Aur Main…

It's a big compilation, may be will post more of it in coming days.

Here for the First Time? Read the Story from the Begining.

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too good!

well this will do i think.....if this is really written by you then we could excuse you for not posting 'THE' poem! :-)


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