Is this Love...

A Real Life Love Story !

The Most beautiful thing is to see a person smiling. But, even more beautiful is knowing that you are the reason behind that Beautiful Smile….

As we returned to City from Lavasa, I told amit about her. Amit was not much excited.

“Good, so all that whether I can fall in Love and another life talks on Z-bridge yesterday do have some reason then." He said plainly.
“Well, I don’t know. Still….”

My heartbeats were up, or at least I thought they were up as I hit the Green button on my HTC Touch.

“Hello Divyanshi, It’s me…  … So are you coming ?”
“I think I can come down for Five Minutes”
“Great! See you then.”

I was so excited to hear that she is coming to meet me that I missed the last part completely. Within a few moments after disconnecting the call, it dawned upon me. What ! just five minutes, I exclaimed. Ok at least I will meet her.  Now let’s make these five minutes worth remembering for a lifetime…. But how? I just had an hour and in that time I had to do the packing, have food and reach Swargate.  That left almost no time to prepare for something special.

I finished the packing quickly and left Amit’s Room. We went to Deccan for dinner. It was Sunday, It was Friendship day and most of all I was in a hurry so most of the Hotels had waitings. Amit and I agreed to settle for Pav Bhaji to save time. So after a hurried Pav Bhaji near Saras Baug, we headed for Swargate, where I was to meet her in less than 10 minutes.

“I am not coming with you”
“What ? Why ?”
“It’s your movement, Go enjoy it alone. And don’t worry; I will be on the other side of the Road, ready to hop in just in case she brings someone else with her.”
“Ok. But I want you do one thing, give me a call in exactly five minutes after she arrives.”
“Huh! I don’t get it.”
“Just do it.”

There I was waiting near Natraj Hotel, few meters away from the swargate signal, with a Bunch of lovely delicate Yellow Roses (bought in black owing to the high friendshipday demand) and a Piece of paper. A paper, the contents there of will make these five minutes worth remembering for life… whether she likes it or not. The soft drizzle of rain added to the serenity of both; the atmosphere and my feelings.

She came on Activa. Parked in on side and stood facing me. We wished each other and I handed over the Bunch of Roses to her. She said that her parents don’t know she is here, that is why she can’t stay long.

“I would have loved it if we could have had more time. But no issues, I have got something to make these five minutes special. Here, this is for you.” I handed over the paper to her. And this time my Heart beats were high for sure.

She read it silently. I kept looking at her face and admiring the artistic work of God.

“You wrote this ?”
“Yes.” I smiled. I had written that poem a few minutes back while we waited for Pav Bhaji.
“You wrote this for me ?” she asked on a brink of a smile.
“Of course dear, just for you.” 

She smiled. This is where words fail me, I will never be able to express what I felt then, looking at her smile, neither can any adjective do justice to beauty of her smile at that moment.

Slience. I don’t recall for how long. But I wanted that moment to last forever. Her eyes were shining; it was raining softly, every passing vehicle created a unique light effect. I didn’t hear any sounds not of the traffic or of the rain. Then I heard my Mobile Ring…
Pari Pari Hai Ek Pari, Asamaan Se Aa Giri, Saamne Mere Khadi, Mujhe Usse Pyaar Ho Gaya…

It was Amit’s call. I had planned this ringtone and the timing of call to perfection. Sometimes, Plans do workout.

We bid Good Byes in a couple of minutes, she left smiling.

I wonder whether her smile will stay the same after knowing all the truth about my Past. However I am sure of one thing though; Yes its true –

The Most beautiful thing is to see a person smiling. But, even more beautiful is knowing that you are the reason behind that Beautiful Smile.

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oh you are good! YOU ARE JUST GOOD!
lets say you are wasting time on computers if you are not writting. you should write!
sorry but for a moment i forgot approach.

but i must say, you are one lucky B******!

no offence, and no perticular comment on her. but this is where guys slip/fall easily. smile is a very powerfull and common weapon girls have.


best of luck!

Nice Writing and nice story....

I would have been happy to read that Poem you wrote for her.

But anyways nice work... and All the Best.

I am in love with this story. I want to know what happened with you two after this. Also I agree with Rajesh, you must have written the poem so all of us can smile after reading it.

All the Best to both of you.

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