Is this Love...

A Real Life Love Story !

27 Years 7 Months and 13 days … I calculated sitting at the all so famous ‘Z bridge’. The clock ticked at 10 passed 1 am and Amit and I were just enjoying a quite moment.

This is a default schedule that we have kind of adopted over the period since he shifted to Pune from Kolhapur. I reach Pune by evening (well 8 – 10 pm to be precise), we have some light snack or a full three course dinner. Then we hit the road, traveling without destination, we roam all over Pune on his bike till such time that we get bored of roaming. Then we head to our idle and ideal destination, the ‘Z bridge’. This otherwise frequented and couple friendly place is completely deserted by such hour. This roaming about, the talks and silence on the bridge make up for all that we could not talk about and all that we felt since last time we met.

I didn’t tell anything to amit about her. The sole reason being that I was not clear and sure myself. If it was just an infatuation, well then Amit has seen and known all my crushes in our early friendship days. And now we both had grown big enough to discuss philosophy, life, space research, nanotronics and like, instead of the Crushes, Bikes and Cars. However he is my best friend and knows every corner of my heart.

 “So what was the special smile all about ,what are you thinking?” Amit again asked.
“I am just reflecting back on my life so far and wondering whether I can fall in Love ?”
“Hehe looks like someone’s entered your life.” Amit chuckled.
“Not exactly. You know in the last 10,087 days I have at least 1087 moments worth remembering, but somehow all those memories suddenly look like another life”
“Woah! Looks like someone’s entered your life.” This time he was not laughing.

Flashback –
School farewell day. All of us were dressed our best for our last day at school. We had finished our 10th standard exams a day before and were all in for some celebrations. Pinky looked pretty in blue. I thought she looked the best of the 27 girls in my batch. I was all head over heels as she rose to collect her rose from the principal. “Wow, so pretty.”

After the program all of us were enjoying the snacks and the kinda last school chats, we might never meet all of our schoolmates in one place. I went near and pinky, she was busy giggling over some joke.

“You are…er.. looking pretty.” I somehow managed.
“What ?” either she didn’t get it or wanted to hear it once again.
“Well I said you are looking nice.”
“Nice. Well thank you.”
“I might sound odd, but looks like I am gonna miss you”
“Ya and I will miss everybody but you.”
“Oh common, you are talking as if this is our graduating night and I am off to US tomorrow. We will be meeting often.”
“Yes and many of us will attend the junior college together as well.”
“See now you are talking sense.”

We talked for a while, assembled for some group pictures and then bid goodbye’s to each others. I loved the way Pinky smiled when she said ‘See you’.

I have known her for all my schooling years, talked to her 1000s of times, never got this feel. Hey I think I am starting to like that girl. I think I am in love with her.

Wait what am I thinking? This can’t be love. Can it be?

“It’s just an infatuation. Welcome to the Teens son !” my father smiled as I told him about my thoughts.

Well. I knew this was not love for one thing, I didn’t get the feeling my walkman played when I put on my favorite song about first meeting with your love.

Here’s the song, hit the play button only if you have the whole 7mins 32secs to listen, coz you will not be able to stop it once it gets to your heart. 

Cut two – Z bridge

Although a few things look similiar with the song, but still  the song didn’t play full on the Bus today (or yesterday coz it was well past midnight). Well this is not the ideal Love at first sight kind of meeting but then what is it ?

Is this Love?

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Hmm. day dreaming... Oops. Sorry. It is night. So, flashback. You are in retro mode? Good. Sometimes, man understand his present with help of his past experiences. Wonder how many crushes you had in the past? But, what is the name of the girl? I am curious to know the name.


i m bound to tell that you are a great writter as you dont go bookish. and second fact is that your narration is exactly same as that of my personal experience. i too travelled from kolhapur to pune in a volvo with an angel sitting next to me. and as i read ur post, i only dint have tears because i was at work.

i wouldnt call it infatuation. i would rather say, YOU WOULD LOVE TO LOVE HER. its always takes time.

sorry to say, i handed out my visiting card too but i never got a call from her. not even for a denial.
but i wish you a best of luck! hang in there....

your orkut friend from kolhapur.

@ anonymous
Keep following the blog and you will find out about most of my crushes. And her name is in the next post

Firstly thanks for your compliments. Its nice to know that we do share similiar feelings & experiances... however my angel did call me :)

Maamaaaaaa..............dat was an awsum 1.....wud luv to read the upcoming posts as well....keep on writing

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