Is this Love...

A Real Life Love Story !

“Hey sleepy or what?” Amit said.

The hands on my Titan Quartz were smiling at 10 mins for 2 am.

“Happy Friendship Day”
“Same to you man.”

This was the second consecutive year Amit and I were on the Z bridge post midnight 31st Aug. Well what a unique way to begin the Friendship Day (day was a few hours away though) than to be with your best friend.

“Chalo, let’s get some sleep, we got to hit the road early tommrow.”  I reminded Amit.

We were going to Lavasa.

The day began with the first of every month ritual. Gellato Ice-cream on Karve Road offers a new favour of month Ice-cream at discounted rates on 1st of every month. So If I happen to be in Pune on 1st , a couple of ice-creams are on for sure. Amit went in to get the ice-creams while I waited on the Bike. The road was very slowly coming to life as it was Sunday and the morning had just began. Amit came back and we were busy with our cups.I was expecting my mobile to ring. I wish she would call.

“How about one more?”
“You think I will ever say no for Ice-cream”

As we were into the second round, amit pointed to the road and said “Look at that car. Man, what a Beauty!”  I turned around but didn’t catch the glimpse of the beauty amit was talking about. I was awestruck by some other Beauty.

“You missed it, boss where were you looking.”
“Nothing Lets go.”

We came to the Paud road over bridge and took the road out of Pune to Lavasa. The bike ride was once in a lifetime experience. It rained on and off. Most of people headed for Lavasa were in Cars, and most of them envied us for sure. The First street you get as you enter the gates of Lavasa is called the Waterfall Street and it was indeed a waterfall street owing to the rainy season and the hilly region, we lost count after 18 waterfalls, along the road. After spending a good time admiring nature, architecture and clicking 100s of pics we went to “Ekant Resort” to eat a bit.

“Sorry sir, all the tables are reserved.” The attendant at the restaurant was as polite as a person can possibly be.

We headed back for Pune. Just passing the check post for lavasa, we came across a small snack corner. We went in and ordered Misal Pav. As the misal came we were indulged into it completely as the hot snack provided huge comfort in the chilly rainy air. Just then my phone rang.

“Hello” The voice on the other end was music to my ears.

I signaled amit that I was going out and rushed for the door.

“Hello, how is this?”  I already knew who it was… Yippy! But still... ehm.
“This is Divyanshi, we met yesterday on the bus…”
“Yes of course, I was looking forward to your call.” I was dying to get your call….
“Happy Friendship Day”
“Same to you Dear.”
“So, where are you now?”
“Just Came out from Lavasa. Nice Place.” Sad I am not with you….
“Never been there. And by the way, the Black T-shirt looks nice on you.”
“You too look cute in Blue.” She did see me at Gellato.
“Hey you did see me. I thought you were too busy with your Ice cream.”
“I thought you didn’t see me, else you would have stopped for a moment”
“I was with my parents, that was my father driving the car.”
“Listen, I will be leaving back for Kolhapur today evening, I was wondering maybe we could meet” Please say yes… please…please….please….
“hmm, may be. This is my number, give me a call when you reach back to pune, let see.”
“Sure.” Was that a yes....?
“Ok. Take care.”
“You too.”

Amit inquired about the call and this time as well I didn’t tell him anything. Well let me first be sure what this all is and then I will tell him. Or may be in less than a day of meeting her, I knew what  it is….

Is this love ?

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well well brother.....

you sure are in seventh heaven. and i must say you are such a lucky $#*x#x~! ;-)

needless to say, you are going to be happy. i wud advice that you stay in pune for little longer and forget your work a bit. {that anyway i m sure you are not able to concentrate}
so you could work on the relationship a bit.

and the tragedy is i never got a call. she ia a catholic. so i even have a silver cross pendant i bought to gift her. i try not to look at it though.

but i m very happy for you! cheers!

and remember this is still begining, and it surely will take time. it has to.
best of luck!


This was a wonderful effort, a romantic story out of a trip to a city. I do remember you, and will be so happy to be reading your posts.

Let the creative minds flow, for there are happier moments waiting for us.

Thanks for being in touch!

Do keep reading my friend, life has turned out beautifully for me.

Thanks for your comments, I would love to hear more from you.

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